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It is widely believed that algae are a viable solution to the world’s biodiesel shortages. We are currently launching a project to research the use of marine algae for biodiesel production. We have identified that not only will there be an uptake for Biofuels but also for dry Biomass as a replacement for coal.

There are also a number of alternative solutions to biodiesel that involve modifying oil to produce fuel. BiofuelsON acquired the rights to Africa for one such product. The product has been made in small batches and tested in vehicles in Europe and found to be a viable alternative to biodiesel. We will be launching a project to develop a plant to produce this fuel in large quantities.

We are currently working on closing the loop of waste from Biodiesel into other products.

BiofuelsON-Org Nieuwoudt

Patented Jet Reactor under exclusive license agreement.




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