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Biogreen is a renewable energy company that prides itself on transparency, reliability & the determination to deliver the products & services of the highest grade to the market. With South Africa making strong statements at Copenhagen, we aim to assist in achieving those goals using sustainable local resources.

It is the companies aim though diligent research and development, stringent quality controls and state of the art technology to become the industry leader in this rapidly developing industry.

Biogreen has four strategies to enable it to become the dominant biodiesel producer in South Africa for the foreseeable future. Firstly we will expand our current waste oil to biodiesel operation into all the major centres across the country. Secondly we are providing expertise and equipment to regions of Agriculture to expand biodiesel production into rural cooperative farming initiatives that will help increase the feedstock available for biodiesel production in South Africa. Thirdly we are exploring algae as a viable third generation feedstock that will solve the countries biofuels shortage without using valuable arable land that would otherwise be used for meet the countries food shortage issues. Fourthly we are looking at all spheres of Renewables to add value & to see where South Africa would like to go forward in renewables.

Biogreen diesel uses patented, state of the art, technology to produce biodiesel from both virgin and waste oil. Our technology ensures that our production process uses fewer chemicals and less electricity than traditional production methods while our powerful franchise model allows us to realise our vision in all areas of South Africa and beyond its borders.

With an understanding of Green projects being the future of the planet & the way business is done, we have sought to not only satisfy sustainability under the guidelines of the Kyoto protocol, but, at the same time, to help create an understanding for Companies wanting to comply via Biogreen Credits.

Our Research & Development division is focused on reaching new frontiers in the areas of renewable energy. We are researching second generation biofuels such as algae and other genetically modified crops. We have also associated ourselves with a number of higher learning institutions & government departments.

At the moment there are a number of waste oil providers who are totally driven by pricing. It is well documented that this highly toxic waste oil is being resold to poorer communities with the potential to cause cancer and many other life threatening conditions. Biogreen Oil has been setup to challenge these market players and ensure that our waste oil not only help the environment, and in removing the waste oil also assist in school feeding schemes.





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