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Biogreen Diesel is offering the opportunity for organizations and individuals to setup Biodiesel refineries that produce biodiesel from waste oil. We are offering the potential franchisee our latest patented Biodiesel plant with Jet reactor as well as all the technical support and production expertise.

What we supply to the franchisee:

• Installation and setup of the Biodiesel refinery
• Training on tried and tested biodiesel production methods
• Ongoing technical support and quality assurance
• Access to all our branding material and printed business cards
• Include the franchise on our website
• Sales training and support both for selling biodiesel and procuring waste oil

Since procuring waste oil is the cornerstone of the business we also offer the franchisee assistance and training in the setting up of a new oil supply business under the banner of Biogreen Oil. We can supply the franchise with oil in bulk or in 20/25 liter branded containers if required.






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