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Biogreen Diesel

Biogreen Diesel has a biodiesel plant in Beaconvale, Cape Town. We produce biodiesel from waste oil collected from restaurants, hotels and other institutions. We have the support of a number of restaurants and hotel groups that have decided to support our initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

The plant uses the patented Jet Reactor processor which allows us to produce biodiesel of a higher quality, faster and with fewer chemicals. We have Sasol analysis reports of biodiesel from waste oil produced using the Jet Reactor. The plant has an 160 000 litres a month capacity.

We are piloting the 500 litres an hour continuous processor developed by BiofuelsON (see strategic partners) at our Cape Town plant.

Biogreen aims to set up Biodiesel plants in all the major centres and will use our franchise model to expand our business into other smaller areas. Biogreen is currently in the process of expanding its operation to Gauteng and is looking to open this branch in July 2009.

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